New Design 1/4″ Output Jack PureTone

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New Design 1/4″ Output Jack PureTone

pure tone multi contact output jackFinally, a fresh take on a tried and true, but old, design. The 1/4″ output jack. Until now the best available was from Switchcraft and the design hasn’t changed much for several decades. But there’s a new kid on the block that could potentially knock Switchcraft out of the top spot, and that company is PureTone. The product is called the “Multi-Contact 1/4″ Output Jack”. According to the literature their new audio jacks provide 100% greater surface area at all contact points which creates a more stable connection and this improves high and low frequencies for a more balanced sound and eliminates frequency spikes. It has dual tension grounds and dual positive tips which eliminate the notorious crackle sound. Whoever thought this up was a genius IMHO. As far as improving the tone I can’t say mainly because I don’t play clean so the differences would have to be pretty big for me to notice. Putting that aside for a moment the solid connection factor and the increase in contact area is definitely real and the design would certainly eliminate the crackle. The build is robust and the materials are top level which is obvious when you get your hands on one. The insulators are made out of a material I can’t identify, but they say the voltage rating is 500 volts so these would be great in an amp. They’re just solidly built and about as precision as anything I’ve seen. I ordered the 3 pack and I already installed them on all my guitars. I can really feel the difference when I plug in. It just feels solid and secure. It doesn’t make the guitar cable hard to unplug or anything it just feels right. Everything about this jack screams quality. You can get them from Amazon or direct from PureTone. I imagine they’ll start showing up in guitar stores before too long. Next time you need a replacement jack give em a try. These are going to give Switchcraft a run for their money. Good job PureTone.

If you try them and you detect a difference in tone or anything leave a comment below, I’d love to get your take on these.


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