Laney Hot Transformer Cooling Update

transformer cooling fans

Laney Hot Transformer Cooling Update

Amazon arrives

Now that I’ve been using the transformer cooling fan mod to control the transformer heat issue, and I know I’m keeping it, I figured I may as well go ahead and make the install a better and quieter one. So I ordered a couple of special PC case fans. Noise Blocker XM-1 Black Silent fans. Also got some black blade guards so I don’t stick my fingers in the blades (they don’t really hurt or anything but they will sure as hell startle the living shit out of you if you get a finger in there). The specs are:

Size: 40mm x 40mm x 10mm
Voltage: 12v
Start Voltage: 9v
Rated Speed: 2800 rpm
Air Flow: 2.9 CFM
Noise Level: 9.2 dB/A

noise blocker cooling fans for Laney Cub 12R amplifier

Laid out and ready to assemble

They use a “Nano SLI” bearing. Sounds cool but I have no idea what it means, but I can tell you this much: These things are dead quiet and still move a good amount of air for such a small fan. And that is exactly what I wanted. As you can see by the images below, the temp took a good dip when I powered up the fans. The temps went from 81F with the amp off, to 104F at idle then back down to 94F with fans on. And it holds that temp even when playing. It fluctuated up to 96 but then went right back down again.
These are small and they look kinda cool too. Inside the 12v jack and off/on switch housing i added a Zalman Fan Mate speed control but I think it was unnecessary since the fans need min 9v to start and they’re silent at full speed. So I might redo the wiring and switch but that’s an incidental thing.  All in all it was a good addition and well worth the effort.



transformer cooling 1


transformer cooling 2


transformer cooling 3


transformer cooling 4


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