IC Chip Workaround

IC Chip Workaround

Using an 8 pin IC socket on an expanded vero board

ic-socket-adapter-0ic-socket-adapter-1-6One of the drawbacks to using an expanded vero board is attaching IC Chips like op-amps because obviously the pins can’t be expanded to match the board, but I have a workaround for this (you need to use an ic socket for this). First you have to determine where the connecting points need to be on the expanded board (makes it easier if you mark them Fig. 1). Next cut a piece of perfboard (plain with no copper on the back side) that will cover those points. Look at fig. 0 and you will see what I mean. Now take 8 little pieces of 22 gauge solid wire and bend them in a u shape with one side beign longer than the other and place the short end in the hole whare the socket pin will also go and the long end into the hole that matches up with the new pin locations. Place the socket so the pins are in the same holes as the wires then solder them in place (Fig. 2, 3, 4). From the underside use double face foam tape to cover the solder connections and simply slip the whole thing onto the expanded board and solder into place (Fig. 5, 6). To be honest I don’t know if this method is even accepted or proper or correct, but I do know that it freakin works!

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