DIY Mods

Jet City JCA20H Baffle MOD

This is one of the ballsiest straight up rock & roll amps I’ve ever plugged into. After dialing it in with a tube upgrade and a minor internal mod I decided it needed a facelift. What i came up with was the expanded metal like Soldano uses on his big-buck models. What the hell, Soldano designed the Jet City anyway so….

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Gibson Les Paul Brass Bridge Replacement

Gibson Les Paul Brass Bridge Replacement. This is not meant as a tutorial OR “how to” on Les Paul Bridge Replacement, lots of those on the net. This article is more about the sonic benefits of replacing the factory setup with something better. After dealing with some minor issues with…

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Preamp Tube Maze

Preamp tube (12AX7 being the most common) selection is a subject that will return as many opinions as there are guitar players. It’s the preamp tube maze of information and opinion (or should I say MIS-information) If you research any “preamp tube” (or any other vacuum tube or “valve” for that matter)..

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LVS-1 Internal AC to DC Variable Voltage

LVS-1 Internal 6.3v AC to Variable DC Voltage Bridge Rectifier mounts inside your tube amp to power DC accessories (like LED lights etc.) from 4.5v to 13.5v (adjustable through a trimmer) all while retaining the heater center tap as the ground point for the DC output…

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