Cub 12R Gets a New Celestion V Type

animated celestion v type

Cub 12R Gets a New Celestion V Type

Heard some demo clips of the Celestion V Type 8Ω speaker and really like what I heard. In the demos it sounded like a good cross section of a Vintage 30 and a Greenback and maybe something

celestion v type loudspeaker

else as well. So at the price they are going for on Amazon I grabbed one.  $97.00 and got it same day delivery for free (if you’re going to buy online it’s the only way to go). Yanked out the old and tossed in the new. It sounds good. Not quite great but good. It just sounds a tad stiff but that should soften up after it’s broken in. I’ll update after that happens. It has a pretty even response across the entire spectrum and the breakup is smooth and the Celestion V Type

celestion v type installed in laney cub 12r

has just enough high end chime for my taste. It really seems to like my EQD Crimson Drive overdrive too. And the mids are juicy enough to produce a sweet “honey” element that I really dig. Power rating is 70 watts and Sensitivity is 98dB so it’s not as loud as it’s kin which bothers me not in the slightest. All in all it’s just a really good speaker that works across multiple styles and is a perfect fit for the Laney. I’d give it 8 out of 10 stars but that may change after break-in. As always YMMV.


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