seismic luke-1x12TR speaker cab to amp cab

Seismic Speaker Cab Becomes Amp Cab For Laney Tube Combo

Laney Cub 12R gets a new home Ever since I found out the Laney was basically made of cardboard (read about it here) it’s been buggin the shit out of me. So I fixed it. It would take too long to build a custom amp cab from scratch so I decided to convert an existing […]

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laney cub 12r snakeskin tolex

Laney Cub 12R Made With Cardboard

Looks like the GAS still has it’s hooks in me because I’ve been eyeballin the Laney Cub 12R tube amp for a while now. Judging from the demo clips on line it’s pretty versatile with great tone and it’s a combo which is something I haven’t had in a while now because I’m a head […]

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Blackstar HT-1RH Ultimate Low Wattage Tube Amp?

In our quest for tone we all try different things. I do it, you do it, we all do it because it’s in the blood. We couldn’t stop if we wanted to. You find things that you think, at the time, are just what you were looking for only to find later there’s something even […]

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A 2×10″ Speaker Cab That Sounds Better Than a 2×12″

I’ve always been a dedicated user of 12″ speakers, be it a 1×12, 2×12, or 4×12. Years ago I had a Musicman 210RD that was 100 watts with 2 10″speakers. It was loud but was lacking that full rounded sound and it didn’t project near as well as 12″ speakers would have. That was my […]

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Orange OR15 Full Review

FYI: there were originally 3 posts on the Orange, but I just put them all together in this one post to consolidate. So if you get the impression that I’m a nut-job, I’m not. Not so you would notice much anyway. It’s just how the 3 posts sound being written on different dates then thrown […]

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Classic Ampeg tone in a 5 watt package

don’t know if I really needed it, but I finally talked myself into pulling the trigger on an Ampeg GVT series tube amp. I wasn’t looking to replace my Jet City JCA20H, that will never happen. I just wanted a really low wattage tube amp so I could really push it anytime I want day or night…

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My Jet City JCA20H and Me – 4 Years of Tone SoakedBliss

My little tone monster’s 4th birthday! It was 4 years ago today that I hauled ass to G.C. here in Phoenix to grab a Jet City JCA20H. I say “hauled ass” because I had been watchinig the news feeds for an indication that Jet City had shipped their first amplifiers. It was 3 or 4 […]

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Loose Vacuum Tube Repair

Quick fix for a sloppy vacuum tube socket Vacuum tube sockets are generally pretty sturdy, unless you change tubes frequently. And let’s face it: when the quest for tone bug has it’s teeth in you, the odds are you are going to try different tubes and/or tube combinations. Nothing wrong with that as it’s a […]

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Jet City JCA20H Baffle MOD

This is one of the ballsiest straight up rock & roll amps I’ve ever plugged into. After dialing it in with a tube upgrade and a minor internal mod I decided it needed a facelift. What i came up with was the expanded metal like Soldano uses on his big-buck models. What the hell, Soldano designed the Jet City anyway so….

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Preamp Tube Maze

Preamp tube (12AX7 being the most common) selection is a subject that will return as many opinions as there are guitar players. It’s the preamp tube maze of information and opinion (or should I say MIS-information) If you research any “preamp tube” (or any other vacuum tube or “valve” for that matter)..

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