Why do we constantly scour want-ads and craigslist looking at the guitar stuff for sale?. Why are we always on the lookout for new pickups, pedals, machines, strings etc.? Why do we need more than one guitar? If I have to explain, you wouldn't understand.


God bless the amplifier! Without them we would never be heard. They even have them for acoustic guitars. There are so many available that it boggles the mind. But one thing is for certain, we each have our favorite brand and type.


Between the guitar, the amp and the stomp boxes, the number of components that goes into each of them is staggering. but that just gives us more to change, upgrade, modify, and tweak. Even repairs can make for a great day at the work bench

FX Pedals

We all love our stomp boxes. From overdrive to delay to vibe some of us are borderline obsessed with them. In fact they have become a major part of the musical instrument industry. They all fill a need and they can be modded which comes in handy when off the shelf ain't gettin' it..

Tube Amp Mods

Tube amps are amazing creatures especially once you discover the endless possibilities through modding. Depending on the topology you can alter the voicing to suit you. These kinds of mods require an understanding of the lethal voltages they carry.

Resource Links

Links to websites full of resources for guitar slingers. This isn't just gear, you'll also find tablature (check out Tab Pro), guitar backing tracks, tons of guitar software for your computer (freeware as well as shareware) and other necessities you didn't know you couldn't live without till now.

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Tools & Equipment

You’ll also find posts covering some of the tools needed for your DIY projects so you can work smart, not hard. (and much safer and easier too)

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I try to use images wherever I can because if you’re like me a visual aid can make the difference. The downside is that my digital camera is getting old and it keeps getting harder to get a sharp clear image, so sorry about the low image quality on some pics.

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Can’t have a guitar site without guitar driven rock n roll, and there’s some good stuff on here featuring some “SMOKIN” guitar work.  

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Electronics are covered in several ways on this site, but my DIY posts on pedal builds are written to help the dudes just getting into it. Lots of tips and how to’s to get you past the rough spots you’ll run into just like I did. And I’m always happy to answer questions.

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trumpy bear with dean guitars


Since Trumpy Bear arrived he’s been on guard duty over my Dean Leslie West Signature Models. He just might build a wall around them. To that I say “BUILD THE WALL”   (ROLL OVER IMAGES TO ZOOM)    

transformer cooling fans

Laney Hot Transformer Cooling Update

I’ve been using the transformer cooling fan mod to control the transformer heat issue for awhile now and I can say now that it works great. The Noise Blocker Silent fans made all the difference. Also got some black blade guards so I don’t stick my fingers in the blades (they don’t really hurt or […]

seismic luke-1x12TR speaker cab to amp cab

Seismic Speaker Cab Becomes Amp Cab For Laney Tube Combo

Laney Cub 12R gets a new home Ever since I found out the Laney was basically made of cardboard (read about it here) it’s been buggin the shit out of me. So I fixed it. It would take too long to build a custom amp cab from scratch so I decided to convert an existing […]

diy modding stomp box layourt

DIY Modding First Time Tips

So you want to get into diy modding your own gear You’ve probably seen the forum conversations of dudes talking about modding their own gear or even building some themselves (like stomp boxes) and you think you’d like to get into some of that diy modding stuff too but don’t know how to get started. […]

animated celestion v type

Cub 12R Gets a New Celestion V Type

Heard some demo clips of the Celestion V Type 8Ω speaker and really like what I heard. In the demos it sounded like a good cross section of a Vintage 30 and a Greenback and maybe something else as well. So at the price they are going for on Amazon I grabbed one.  $97.00 and […]

Laney Cub 12R Hot Transformer Solution

I had some doubts about this little combo since I discovered the cab is made of compressed cardboard or some shit which was a shocker (read about it here). But I love the tones I’m getting out of it so I’m hanging in to improve the quality as much as I can. So after recovering […]

laney cub 12r snakeskin tolex

Laney Cub 12R Made With Cardboard

Looks like the GAS still has it’s hooks in me because I’ve been eyeballin the Laney Cub 12R tube amp for a while now. Judging from the demo clips on line it’s pretty versatile with great tone and it’s a combo which is something I haven’t had in a while now because I’m a head […]

gas money

Gear Acquisition Syndrome GAS

Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Back In the Guitar Shop I have it, you have it, and a million other guitar players have it. GAS or “gear acquisition syndrome”.  It creeps into your life without warning and sinks its hooks into your flesh and makes you a slave to it. You […]

bias adjust knob placement

Bias Adjust Non-Locking But Secure Pot

If you ever thought about installing an external bias adjustment pot but wanted to use a regular pot instead of a locking style I have the solution. This will let you use a standard linear taper pot that is secure and won’t move on incidental contact. In fact it takes a bit of force to […]

candy apple red telecaster

Sharp Frets Easy Fix

Sometimes a good deal comes with some not so great extras. Like the Telecaster I just got. It’s a Squier, but it’s a beauty. The Candy Apple Red finish is flawless, and the electronics are acceptable, but it had sharp frets poking out from the fretboard. They weren’t horrible but annoying enough that they had […]

guitar mono output jack

New Design 1/4″ Output Jack PureTone

Finally, a fresh take on a tried and true, but old, design. The 1/4″ output jack. Until now the best available was from Switchcraft and the design hasn’t changed much for several decades. But there’s a new kid on the block that could potentially knock Switchcraft out of the top spot, and that company is […]

Guitar Tone Capacitor Comparison Test

Trying to decide which capacitor to use for tone caps is not as easy as it really should be. I mean all the different types and values and it seems everyone has their favorite, and of course the tone is subjective to the listener

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